Happy Chinese New Year 2022!
Year of the Black Yang Water Tiger

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Lunar New Year, or the Spring Festival, is celebrated in China and much of Asia, including Korea, Vietnam and Singapore, as well as among the global Asian diaspora. The most common origin story is a legend that the celebrations began in order to scare away a beast called “Nian” (which means “year” in Chinese) who stalked cities and villages each spring, attacking people. Because Nian was afraid of loud noises and the color red, people used firecrackers and red paper to frighten the mythical creature

The Lunar New Year holiday lasts seven days and this year is expected to start on January 31st and last until February 6th. 

2022 is the year of the Black Yang Water Tiger. It is the 4719th Chinese year, because Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor and first ruler of all China, was inaugurated in 2697 B.C. The first day of the Chinese astrological year is the first day of Tiger Month. The first day of the Water Tiger is on February 4, 2022.

Yang-Water is connected to flowing waters, rivers, or clouds. Tiger is in the Wood Element. Tiger mainly contains Yang-Wood, (rather than Yin-Wood) which is a tall tree. It also contains Yang-Fire and Yang-Earth. Yang-Fire is related to the sun and Yin-Earth is related to the mountain. Tiger is a tall tree on the mountain under the sun. Tiger is a symbol of power, prestigiousness, and loneliness (Tiger cannot get along with many animals). The Water of 2022 helps the tree of the Tiger grow taller and stronger. That means 2022 brings strong Wood energy to people. You will have good fortune if the Wood is your Lucky Element.

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I-Ching and the Tiger

The Tiger is associated with the thunder or motion in the Chinese I-Ching. Water Tiger is equivalent to the Water-Thunder Hexagram, which means something moving inside the Water. That's a sign of a baby growing inside the womb. Therefore, Water Tiger of 2022 implies caution, growth, development, challenge, creation, and planning. Tiger month is the first month of the spring. Seeds and plants start to germinate. December of Winter Solstice contains one Yang. February of Tiger contains three Yangs. The expression of San-Yang-Kai-Tai 三羊開泰 used in the Chinese New Year means Three Yangs Start Fortune. Therefore, 2022 is a great year to start a business or career goal!

Black Tiger Brings You Good Fortune!

The 5th lunar day of the Chinese New Year Festival is to welcome the God of Wealth. The God of Wealth rides a Black Tiger. (You will have very good luck if you actually see a rare Back Tiger!) General Chao Kung-Ming is one of the Gods of Wealth. He is also the God of Battle. His magic power can administer the wind, thunder, and rain. He defeated many wizards, sorcerers, and deities. General Chao's Black Tiger was a ferocious carnivore. Since the wild Tiger ate many humans and livestock, several people tried and failed to kill it. Chao Kung-Ming tamed the Black Tiger to save people's lives. The Black Tiger implies the arrival of the God of Wealth.

Four Water Tigers Date: February 18, 2022

The first day of Water Tiger Year is February 4, 2022. February 4 and February 5, 2022, are the date to Welcome the God of Wealth.  People will pray for good fortune on these two days. The best day, however, is February 18, 2022, which is Water Tiger day. The hour from 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. is the Water Tiger hour and also when a person's Qi enters the Metal Yin Channel:  Lung. This is very fortunate for people whose elements are Water and Wood.


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