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BioMagnetic Acupoint Therapy

From ancient times to modern medicine,  people have been using magnets for diagnosing and healing.

How does it work? 

In a nutshell, the human body is made up of molecules, molecules are made up of atoms, and atoms are made up of sub-atomic particles (i.e. electrons have a negative charge, and protons carry a positive charge).  Our atomic and sub-atomic make-ups react to north (N) and south (S) polarities and with the proper strength magnet and placement of the magnet on the acupoint, one can have a direct and immediate positive affect to the body.  Magnets are just as effective as needles to accomplish the goal, which is BALANCE and getting the body to heal itself as it is intended.

BioMagnetic Acupoint Therapy (BAT) is a term coined by the late and great acupuncturist, Danny Hom.  Danny had treated his patients with amazing results for decades with medical-quality neodymium magnets on the acupoints, paying close attention to which polarity of the magnet touched the skin.  His protocols, he effectively treated diabetes, and pain and claims to have saved legs from amputation and shrunk benign and malignant tumors.  The science behind magnet therapy is indisputable and sound.


BAT is great for many reasons!  Besides the fact that there are no needle insertions involved with this technique, so it is completely pain-free, it can also be considered a "green" treatment strategy.  With this method, 90% of waste involved with an acupuncture treatment is eliminated;  the contaminated bio-hazard sharps containers, metal needles and the plastic and paper packaging the needles come in are gone.  BAT also helps reduce ozone depleting byproducts of Ethyl-oxide gas (EOG) sterilization and the radio-active waste of gamma-ray sterilization of needles which both harm the ozone layer of the atmosphere.  Helping to heal patients with this strategy also helps to heal the planet.

Read The Health Benefits of Bio Magnetic Therapy, by Dr. Jockers for a wonderful explanation of how it all works and why you should consider this AcuTherapy treatment style.


As an adjunct therapy, magnets:

  • Improve circulation

  • Reduce inflammation & oxidative stress

  • Help the body ward off pathogens

  • Improve the healing of tissues

  • Reduce pain

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