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The best evidence of the powerful effects of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is that of satisfied and healed patients.  I invite you to read the reviews and real experiences of  AcuTherapy patients.  I believe that their comments will be of great help to you in developing a better feel for the healing effects of this powerful and effective medicine.


AcuTherapy appreciates receiving referrals from friends and family members.  I strive to provide excellent care for all of my patients. If you’d like to add your own testimonial, please send me an email.

Here's what patients have to say...

I have known Wyatt for years and there has never been a doubt in my mind asking him or being treated by him for anything that has ever bothered me or my family. I have so much confidence in Wyatt that I can not believe any other practitioner without running it by Wyatt first. He always makes us feel so much better and gives an explanation of what it is that is bothering us. Almost all issues are treated with his knowledge of Acutherapy and Herbal Medicine. I can not imagine life without him!

~A.B. Arizona~

Before my very first acupuncture treatment, I had never believed that it could be as effective as I had heard that it could be.  I was stunned at the results.  It was not until after years of severe back pain and surgery for a herniated disk that I finally sought out acupuncture treatment.  For a long time, I had not been able to walk with any ease.  Upon arrival for my first appointment, my friend Dean and Wyatt had to help me get up onto the table, as I could not do it myself due to the extreme pain I had been in that day.  I was screaming, so acute had the pain been.  After the first acupuncture session that day, I got up from the table by myself, free of all the pain I had gone in with.  I felt so good that I had to hug Wyatt for a job so well done and with such spectacular results.  Ever since then, my back pain has been reduced to a minimum.  Thanks to Wyatt’s consummate skills as an acupuncturist, I am practically pain free.  Now I believe in acupuncture and in the professional people who provide it and highly recommend acupuncture to others who are likewise suffering from pain in general.  Wyatt’s sense of humor makes you feel so comfortable that you don't even feel the needles going in.

~Luis M., Boston, MA~


I have received treatment from Wyatt for years:  first massage and now acupuncture to treat primarily migraines, lower back pain, and occasional sports injuries.  He's the best, hands down. He is knowledgeable and skilled, and continues to learn through continuing interaction with students and his own personal studies with other practitioners.  Not to mention he's a kind and gentle soul.

~M. Kvaal, Lexington, MA~


I've had the pleasure of receiving Wyatt LaCoss's expertise in acupuncture and herbal medicine.  The herbal medicine was for a severe spell of seasonal allergies.  The situation that prompted my need for care at his hands was complicated, as I had to deal with physical limitations as a result from surgery and radiation for cancer in the head and neck area.  Chronic pain is physically and psychologically debilitating.  Wyatt used deep-tissue manipulations of the fibrotic tissue in the neck and affected muscles in the shoulder area to help me acquire more range of motion. Quite painful, but worth it.  He also suggested acupuncture as means to help the muscles and other body systems counter some of the effects of radiation.  Xerostomia is a side effect of radiation that frustrated me to no end.  I tried sucking on hard candy, Biotene mouthwash, and a host of other remedies, but seconds after Wyatt placed his needles I was salivating.  It may not have been a permanent solution, but I was sold on acupuncture after that revelation.  As an experienced RN, I can tell you that Wyatt conducts one of the best holistic assessments I have seen in my clinical career.  He is compassionate and he listens.  He is also conscientious and truly wants to see his clients achieve wellness.  Recommended without any reservations.

~GV, Boston, MA~

I have been treated with Acupuncture/Herbal Medicine for a small number of issues, which my doctors could not figure out.  I have to say, generally speaking, that I am not comfortable with needles but Wyatt has such a very calming, courteous, knowledgeable personality that I was able to forget all about any worries I had AND even more what is amazing that I feel 100 percent better!  It is almost unbelievable to me since it has been years that I have had one doctor’s appointment after another to try to figure my problems that Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine were able to resolve.  I highly recommend him and his practice. I'm hooked! You will be too!

~B.C., Winchester, MA~


I have depression, chronic neck pain due to arthritis, and damaged discs in my cervical spine.  I had a bike accident in May of 2013.  The arthritis and depression became worse after my accident.  The only holistic therapy I received was from Wyatt LaCoss.  He genuinely cared about my accident and was empathetic as only Wyatt could be about my pain.  I have received medical care from a variety of Western medical practitioners including spinal epidurals, physical therapy, occupational therapy, MRIs CT scans and surgery.  It was only Wyatt who cared about me as a total person holistically with feelings and emotions.  The medical practitioners were working on parts of me (spine, spleen, ribs, brain).  Wyatt cared for my entire body, soul and mind.  His acupuncture and massage also made me feel physically well without any CTs or MRIs.  I am grateful to him and the herbs as wonderful to continue my recovery.

~Anonymous, Arlington, MA~

Wyatt treated me for 3 months consistently, prior to relocating out of state.  I met Wyatt while visiting another acupuncture practice.  After my first treatment with him, I felt so much better and so much more well-informed about the overall process and overall prognosis that I wisely decided to stick with him. Wyatt has a way of being able to take my feedback and develop a treatment plan with "pinpoint" accuracy (pun intended...LOL).  But more importantly, he is ALWAYS willing to explain everything he does AND why...with the most enthusiastic attitude.  In fact, I have not only become more educated about how this type of treatment works but I am also much more aware of how my body is responding through the treatment process. I believe that the body can heal itself (within reason) if you give it a chance.  With the combination of his vast knowledge in combining the acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine, Wyatt has not only helped me in vastly reducing my pain, but I truly believe that my body is finally healing itself.  In terms of the herbal medicine, Wyatt developed uniquely for my needs.  I used to take ibuprofen on a daily basis...the herbal formula eliminated the need for that.  And I am resting more soundly as well. Overall, my body hasn't felt this good in a very, very long time!  I drive from Quincy, MA to see Wyatt.  If he lived in CT, NH or VT, I would find a way to see him!  That's how much his patient care has meant to me!  Thanks for all you do, Wyatt! 

~M.W., Quincy, MA~

Wyatt is a healer.  I saw him for a frozen shoulder, which meant I could not lift my arm at all.  I told him I wanted to go on vacation in two months.   The physical therapist was so surprised that in two months I had so much shoulder mobility. I went on vacation!!!   Without Wyatt I could never have gone and spent three weeks in Argentina dancing Tango.  He is thoughtful, incredibly competent and really works for his client’s health.

~C. Wilder, Chestnut Hill, MA~

Wyatt has helped me work through foot issues through acupuncture. His assessment was complete, knowledgeable, and contoured to my specific issues. His supportive attitude, his sensitivity, and his continued treatments have enabled me to live my life without pain! His continued modifications of my treatments have proved to be beneficial in my daily living. Both my physical and emotional being are now in alignment. I highly recommend his expertise and want to thank him for all that he has done for me! Love you Wyatt!

~G.C., Burlington, MA~

Wyatt LaCoss is a first rate acupuncturist.  He has an excellent understanding of traditional medicine, and in depth knowledge of both Chinese and Japanese approaches.  He is caring and concerned for his patients.   I recommend him wholeheartedly. 

~G. Stanton, MD, Cambridge, MA~

I approached my first acupuncture appointment with some degree of skepticism, but can safely say that it marked a turning point in a years-long problem with chronic sciatica and leg pain. It was not until the following day, when I became aware that I was not thinking about the pain in my leg, that I realized something had radically changed.  I don’t know how acupuncture works, but it does, and it very much did for me.  Wyatt is a wonderful, warm practitioner of the art, who takes the time to explain everything he is doing and justifiably takes great pride in his work.

~L.Z., Lexington, MA~

I have had a fear of needles for many, many years. Wyatt could see my anxiety and hesitation as soon as I walked in and he assured me that I wouldn't feel a thing! His gentle touch and constant checking in made my experience so easy and pleasant. He told me what he was doing and why he was doing it the entire treatment, which educated me in terms of this "new" practice that I was not familiar with.  I recommend Wyatt to any friends, family and strangers!!!

~E.C., Brighton, MA~

I have been a patient of Wyatt LaCoss for over 10 years. I initially started seeing Wyatt for neck pain due to a skiing accident. After just two visits it was gone. I have had acupuncture with Wyatt with great results. I continue to see him as I have a high stress, sedentary job and his healing powers help me significantly.

~S. Gossart, Bedford, MA~

Wyatt is the nicest, most gentle, kind & positive person I have had the privilege of meeting during my rehab. I was involved in a serious accident and HAD many issues. I saw him for about year and he has helped me so much on my road to recovery. He always greeted me with a huge genuine smile!

~Janet V., Hull, MA~

I can't tell you how much Wyatt has helped me! He is incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, talented, compassionate and totally amazing! I recommend everyone to visit him, even if you feel fine, you will feel on cloud 9 after his treatments!! He has helped with many ailments, injuries and just fantastic for well being visits as well!  The acupuncture needles don't hurt at all and I am petrified of needles, but these are different and how he does everything is totally painless! He is a total genius at massage also!!!

~Jacqui T., Billerica, MA~

Wyatt is very professional, but also a very warm and welcoming person, so you'll feel comfortable right away.  He's also very thorough and will ask you important questions and listen to your input to be sure he can give you the best care possible.  Wyatt has been able to help me with both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, so see if it'll work for you!

~Brian D., Salem, NH~

I have been a patient of Wyatt LaCoss since he began his practice in 2002.  I am a competitive tournament and league tennis player who depends on Wyatt's therapy for athletic and general well being during the competitive season as well as at times when I have over extended or have become injured.  His therapy and guidance using methods of muscular therapy, herbal support and acupuncture is the key to my continued good health and athletic flexibility.  I have been competing for over 20 years.  Wyatt is passionately invested 100% in his clients' wellness and overall holistic health.  He has a warm and engaging personality, is insightful and a gifted practitioner.  I will continue to trust and rely on Wyatt's extensive knowledge and treatment as long as I can. I highly recommend Wyatt!

~Tennisnutt, Belmont, MA~

I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis by my podiatrist in Lexington.  The mornings were the worst when getting out of bed and placing my feet on the floor only to feel shooting pain on the bottom of my heels.  The pain would be so bad that I would have to walk on the balls of my feet and walk side-to-side like a hunched back penguin.  This would go on for about 30-45 minutes and by the time my shower ended I was feeling a little bit better, but not fully. The doctor told me that the inserts sold in stores wouldn’t help due to having a high arch and the best method was to have specially made inserts. Of course, I took her advice, had the special plaster molds and $375 later had my very own inserts.  I was informed to wear the inserts periodically for a few hours a day and increasing the hours each day till my feet felt comfortable.  I made an appointment after one week and told her they weren’t helping that I felt like I was unbalanced.  They filed part of the heal down and lo-and-behold, it made matters worse due to more pressure being placed on heels.  Yes, waste of money and time!   Let’s just say they have been taking up space in my closet.  I tried other remedies such as Physical Therapy along with home remedies.  They worked, but only for a short time. I was introduced to acupuncture, was a little hesitant and got the heebie-jeebies of just the thought since I am petrified of needles.   Wyatt explained in detail of how the needles can help, how often to have treatments, and how to relax during the procedure.  I thought, “why not?!”.  I felt comfortable after talking with him and to think outside the box.  Treatments were completed at the end of the workday, 3 – 4 times a month for 3 months.   After realizing I had acupuncture the previous day, I opted to try to walk normal and not like a crooked penguin. I didn’t have as much pain as before and it felt a bit better.  Each treatment decreased and now I am pain free!  Periodically I meet with Wyatt for acupuncture for my heels just to prevent plantar fasciitis from returning.

~Nancy F., Watertown, MA~

I have suffered from lower back pain due to several herniated discs for years, then following with neck pain radiating down my arm. I have gone the route of cortisone with little-to-no help. I did not like the idea of taking pain pills just to live a daily normal life.  Deciding that acupuncture should be my next method of treatment, I soon realized that was the best decision I made, and should have much sooner.  During my sessions with Wyatt, I realized more about myself.  Wyatt could bring my body into balance, which reduced stress and reducing additional pain.  The acupuncture treatments not only give me balance, but a sense of peacefulness.  It is a true healing for the body and mind.  I am living pain free and happy with Wyatt's acupuncture techniques. He will make you instantly feel comfortable, as he is such an amazing person.  My sessions are my " Tranquility ".     

~D.J., Bedford, MA~

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