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Welcome to my Practice!

Thank you for considering me to become an integral part of your healthcare team!  


                       Dr. Wyatt LaCoss, DACM

                                  Doctor of Acupuncture and

                                          Chinese Medicine

                              Diplomate in Oriental Medicine

                              Licensed Chinese Herbalist

                              Certified Auriculotherapist


What do his patients have to say?

Frequently Asked Questions

Acupuncturists often get asked the same questions regarding Chinese Medicine – does it work, does it hurt, is it covered by my health insurance, etc.  Follow the link above to review the most frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that isn't addressed, please contact me directly, I’ll be happy to answer more directly.

The secret of the care of the patient

is in the caring for the patient.

Francis Weld Peabody, 1926

The Practice

At AcuTherapy,  I work towards improving the health of patients with a combination of treatments from an ancient Eastern medical perspective. My mission is to help you achieve your treatment goals, and to maintain optimal health over the long-term using natural and holistic acupuncture, herbal therapy and nutritional guidance and support.


Designed to help relieve symptoms from serious ailments, acupuncture and Chinese herbs also alleviate pain, decrease stress and improve vitality all while recharging the body to support its healing.


My clinical knowledge and skills in acupuncture and Chinese herbs provide the opportunity to work with and improve the lives of individuals suffering with a wide range of specific physical complaints, both chronic and acute.


  • Provide expert care to patients and offer holistic complementary medicine to manage pain

  • Provide acupuncture treatments that can be safely used in the management of pain and treat those who have not responded to conventional therapy and/or have developed adverse effects from prolonged therapies based on the patient’s condition and evidence of safety and efficacy

  • Expand communication with physicians to provide crucial details to pain-care team members that will benefit from each other’s contributions to the patient’s overall care

  • Have a complex medical education and receive a Master's or Doctorate Degree.  Read more here...

Rates, Payment Options & Insurance

AcuTherapy believes in the value of acupuncture for you and your family and has maintained a pricing structure that takes all budgets into consideration.  I don't want the bill to be the pain that stops you from coming for acupuncture!  Read more about our current acupuncture specials and savings!

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Your First Visit

How should you prepare for an acupuncture treatment or what should you do afterward?  I created a short list of 'DO's and DON'Ts to help you maximize the benefits of your treatment.  Read more to find out what to expect on your first visit.


Patients can save time during their first visit by downloading and completing the health history form in advance. The information requested is extremely valuable to provide new patients with the best possible care.

Follow-Up Visits

Follow-up sessions consist of a short interview to determine how your health is progressing and then a full treatment of acupuncture with adjunctive therapies, if necessary.  These updates help me determine changes in your health and provide the necessary information that allow me to alter treatments accordingly. 


Follow-up visits are scheduled through a program of 4 to 10 sessions.  The frequency and duration of these initial sessions will depend on individual needs and responses to treatment.  Your progress is re-evaluated at every session and as symptoms improve I lengthen the time between visits transitioning to a maintenance program.  It is my goal to quickly get patients transitioned to a maintenance program that will support continued health and prevent future symptoms or sickness. 

Missed Appointments & Office Policies

All appointments  must be made in advance. To avoid cancellation fees, please give at least 24 hours notice to your scheduled appointment.

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