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Chinese Herbal Medicine

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine is considered to be the foundation of the Chinese Medical System.

  • It is a powerful, unique, natural effective form of medicine that utilizes a variety of natural substances: roots, berries, flowers, seeds, nuts, bark, leaves, stems, minerals, shells, etc.

  • It is traditional, yet continues to evolve.

  • It is the Chinese Art of combining Medicinal Substances. The individual combination of these natural substances is based on the thorough diagnosis the practitioner makes based on the patients’ specific condition.


Each herbal prescription is based on one of the many traditional formulas passed down through time and individually tailored to the patient and their condition. Our on-site dispensary provides high-quality, organic and FDA-approved Chinese herbal tinctures, teapills and herbal plasters.  All formulas are made with herbs that are grown on organic farms and closely monitored by American and Australian authorities. 


Chinese Herbal Medicine is a completely safe, effective and drug-free way to achieve health and wellness naturally.