Individualized Personalized Treatments

Find your inner peace and balance!

In a private treatment room, you will experience a complete and unique relaxation session to re-balance and revitalize yourself which is important to help your body find its own healing. 


At AcuTherapy, a wide variety of Eastern medical modalities are available to choose from. 


After an initial consultation, you and Wyatt will devise an appropriate treatment strategy that may include any of the options to the right.  For more information about the techniques, please click on the links

Wyatt is a healer! I saw him for a frozen shoulder, which meant I could not lift my arm at all. I told him I wanted to go on vacation in two months. The physical therapist was so surprised that in two months I had so much shoulder mobility. I went on vacation!!! Without Wyatt I could never have gone and spent three weeks in Argentina dancing Tango. He is thoughtful, incredibly competent and really works for his client’s health.

~ C. Wilder, Chestnut Hill, MA

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