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Amethyst BioMat

The Science behind the Amethyst BioMat

The Amethyst BioMat™ has three significant components:

1. State-of-the-art Far Infrared Rays - Nature's Miracle Light

2. Negative Ion Technology - Nature's battery charger

3. The healing power of the amethyst crystal:  Nature's super conductor!

1. What are Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Where Do They Come From?

Far Infrared Rays (or Long Wave Infrared Rays) come from the sun and are the safest and most beneficial light waves for the human body.  FIR is a form of energy that is part of the electromagnetic light frequency of sunlight not visible to the human eye.  It was first brought to us by nature herself.  All living things emit Far Infrared Rays.  Traditionally we receive our daily dose of FIR from sunlight, but that is becoming increasingly more difficult.  With increased pollution blocking the Far Infrared Rays from reaching us and with most of us spending more time indoors, it is not as easy to get the dose of this energy that we need.

Infrared light is similar to normal light, but we can not see it because the wavelengths are too long.  Far Infrared light has even longer wavelengths and is therefor able to very efficiently transfer heat.  This is why if feels warm.  Because it is able to penetrate into the body 6-8 inches, the rays not only benefit the surfaces of our body but also all cells including blood vessels, lymph glands and nerves in the deepest parts of our body.  What does this do?  speeds up cellular metabolism, reduces pain/reducing inflammation and quickly heals injuries. Amethyst was found to be ideal for the purpose of converting conductive heat into Far Infrared Light (see below).

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The first research on isolating or mimicking Far Infrared Light was done through NASA in the 1960's. In the 1980s, NASA concluded Infrared Therapy would be an ideal way to stimulate cardiovascular function during long space missions.  Several scientists in Japan extended this technology and designed a way to create fibers to be worn on the body which emit wavelengths the same as natural Far Infrared Light from the sun, yet more concentrated.  NASA discovered that AI2CO3 (a special compound of alumina) and SiO2 (silica) can convert any normal energy into Infrared Ray waves in a most efficient manner.  At room temperature, they create more Infrared Rays than any other material.

2. Negative Ions:  What are they?

Negative Ions are particles in the air that have an extra electron.  They are plentiful near large quantities of moving water such as oceans, waterfalls and rainstorms.  This is why it "feels" so good to be by the ocean and why people say it is "very healing for them to lie or walk on the beach". These particles tend to donate their extra electron and this can directly cancel out oxidation in the body.  They are anti-oxidant!  This is significant because bodies can be damaged by oxidative stress (also known as "free radicals"), but breathing these free electrons neutralizes oxidizing compounds.

When the BioMat is turned on, it has a special function that emits Negative Ions and transforms Positive Ions to Negative Ions in the human body.  It provides strength and energy to the human body.  The Super Fiber materials generate Far Infrared Rays (6-12 microns) that the human body can easily absorb while a special layer of double fiberglass and carbon completely cuts off harmful electomagnetic waves.  Negative ions benefit the mood and makes one more alert due to increased serotonin levels they produce.

3. Amethyst Crystals:  Why were they chosen?

Amethyst has been thought to calm and clear the mind for thousands of years, across many cultures.  There is no direct mechanism to explain this effect; nevertheless, most people report an improved mood and less anxiety after a BioMat treatment.  Because Amethyst has a low specific heat, it cannot store heat very well and therefore sheds excess heat in the form of Infrared light.  Other Infrared devices use carbon or ceramic "lamps", which are less efficient, producing light with shorter wavelengths and lower intensity.

Amethyst was chosen primarily because it converts heat into Far Infrared Light VERY efficiently, due to its crystal formation and is often called nature's superconductor!  The Amethyst Crystals amplify the Far Infrared Light 200 times more powerfully than Far Infrared on its own.

Transform your Health... Transform your Life!

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