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How to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year's Day:  February 10, 2024


  • Set off firecrackers, if safe to do so - this will scare away evil spirits.

  • Offer sacrifices to ancestors - but probably better to just have a meal in their honor.

  • Wear Red - a symbol of change and new beginnings.

  • Hand out small red envelopes (called Hong Bao) with crisp new bank notes to promote prosperity.

  • Clean your house BEFORE or AFTER New Years Day (but NOT the day of) to rid your house of the previous year's bad luck.

  • Decorate your house with red and gold - these colors signify good fortune.

  • Eat Dumplings (Jiao Zi - sounds like the ancient term for the exchange between the old and new year).  You will say good-bye to the old and welcome in  the new by eating yummy dumplings!


  • Do NOT use curse words on Chinese New Year - brings much bad fortune.

  • Do  NOT wash or cut your hair during these seven days or you will get rid of all your luck.

  • Do NOT buy books or give them as gifts as the word in Chinese is similar to "lose" and will bring bad fortune.


Day 2 - 7:  Visit relatives and friends and enjoy each other's company

Day 8:  Go to work, but most of us do not have the luxury to stay home anyway...

Day 15:  Lantern Festival:  Light and watch floating lanterns

7 Lucky Foods for Chinese New Year

Fish:  Increase Prosperity

Dumplings:  Increase Wealth

Spring Rolls:  Increase Wealth

Sweet Rice Balls (Tang Yuan): Family Togetherness

Good Fortune Fruit: Fullness and Wealth

Nian Gao (Glutinous Rice Cake): Higher Income or Promotion

Longevity Noodles: Happiness and Longevity

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